Episode 1 – Succeeding in product development with Kai Gilb

So, hand on heart, how confident are you in your capability of developing new products or services, be it physical, digital or both? Wouldn’t it be great to actually sleep at night and not have to worry about any nasty surprises project after project, organisation after organisation? In today’s episode I catch up with Kai Gilb, an entrepreneur and a product development expert to discuss what it actually takes to be successful at PD. Kai is a highly experienced consultant and a trainer running his company Gilb International together with his father Tom Gilb who should require no introduction. The methods they have developed are extremely robust and systematic based on solid engineering principles and Kai has been travelling around the world teaching large enterprises how to apply them and thus become a more competitive development organisation.

We discuss some of the key ingredients of product development, concrete ways of applying them, the state of IT in general but also some of his future plans working with artificial intelligence.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend you to listen to his interview especially if you are about to or already have engaged yourself in any sort of agile software development. You don’t want to miss what he has to say.