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Episode 5 – Dimitar Bakardzhiev on the knowledge-centric perspective in software development

In this episode I get to interview Dimitar Bakardhziev. He is widely known and recognized in the community behind the Kanban method since many many years ago and was...

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Episode 4 – Bob Emiliani on Lean and progressive management’s failure

Have you ever wondered why despite changing jobs the way organizations are being managed seems to stay the same? Or are you one of those who passionately study Toyota...

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Episode 3 – Tom Gilb on managing IT projects, pt 2

…aaaand we’re back! In today’s episode we pick up the discussion with Tom Gilb and bring up some very uncomfortable truths about the state of competence within IT, what...

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Episode 2 – Tom Gilb on engineering and failed IT projects, pt 1

Do you know what’s in common between Marilyn Monroe, Dr. Deming and PriceWaterhouseCoopers or PwC? Well, time to find out! In the previous episode I had the good fortune...

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Episode 1 – Succeeding in product development with Kai Gilb

So, hand on heart, how confident are you in your capability of developing new products or services, be it physical, digital or both? Wouldn’t it be great to actually...

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