Episode 5 – Dimitar Bakardzhiev on the knowledge-centric perspective in software development

In this episode I get to interview Dimitar Bakardhziev. He is widely known and recognized in the community behind the Kanban method since many many years ago and was even nominated for the Brickel Key award for his work in the community. He is a seasoned software development executive and even runs a publishing house to make the writings of dr. Deming and Eli Goldratt more accessible to people in his home country of Bulgaria.

These days he is working on helping the IT industry to apply a completely different kind of perspective into software development.

What he calls the knowledge-centric perspective is a way to understand and discover the invisible aspects that drive productivity, effectiveness and happiness on individual, team and organisational level by making them far more concrete and relevant for everyone, whether you’re the CEO or an engineer.

According to him, these aspects are in fact the primary aspects that hide massive amounts of untapped potential, hidden from plain sight.

Based on this model he calls knowledge-discovery efficiency, or KEDE for short, he has founded a startup offering a system for managers to get a more complete understanding of how well their software organisation truly is working and what to do to improve it.

So, if that sounds like an important topic to you, I suggest you pay attention to what Dimitar has to say. I really dig his positive and humane message on the topic so I hope you do too.

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