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Episode 5 – Dimitar Bakardzhiev on the knowledge-centric perspective in software development

In this episode I get to interview Dimitar Bakardhziev. He is widely known and recognized in the community behind...

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Episode 4 – Bob Emiliani on Lean and progressive management’s failure

Have you ever wondered why despite changing jobs the way organizations are being managed seems to stay the same?...

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Episode 3 – Tom Gilb on managing IT projects, pt 2

…aaaand we’re back! In today’s episode we pick up the discussion with Tom Gilb and bring up some very...

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Episode 2 – Tom Gilb on engineering and failed IT projects, pt 1

Do you know what’s in common between Marilyn Monroe, Dr. Deming and PriceWaterhouseCoopers or PwC? Well, time to find...

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Episode 1 – Succeeding in product development with Kai Gilb

So, hand on heart, how confident are you in your capability of developing new products or services, be it...

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